VOLUME 1, ISSUE 3 (JUNE 2017)

buy dapoxetine in uk A. TABLE OF CONTENTS

follow link IHRJ Table of Contents Vol 1 Issue 3 June 2017

B. Guest Editorial 

1.tOral Cancer: The Life Threatening Outcome of Tobacco Use

(World No Tobacco Day Special Editorial)

Dr. Nishant Mehta

IHRJ 01_03(01)Guest Comment Oral Cancer Dr Nishant Mehta



2. Teledentistry: A New Evolution in Dentistry

Nikhil Seth, Mayank Jain, Ishan Prabhakar, Khateeb Khan, Kesari Singh

IHRJ 01_03(02) Teledentistry A New Evolution in Dentistry


3. Temporary Anchorage Devices: A Review

Yamini Kaul, Darshit Dhanani, Ashish Choudhary

IHRJ 01_03(03) Temporary Anchorage Devices A Review


4. Ageing and Health– A Review

Ravneet Malhi, Sameksha Arora, Saru Khosla, Vaibhav Verma

IHRJ 01_03(04) Ageing and Health A Review


5. A Survey to Estimate the Prevalence of Tooth Loss and Denture Wearers in Subjects of Different Age Groups of South Coastal Karnataka Region

Ankur Sabharwal, Shreya Sabharwal, Ravneet Malhi, Sameksha Arora

IHRJ 01_03(05) A Survey to Estimate the Prevalence of Tooth Loss


6. Frictional Keratosis of the Tongue: A Case Report

Sana Khaled, Satyanarayana Dantala

IHRJ 01_03(06) Frictional Keratosis of the Tongue A Case Report


7. Fabrication of custom made ocular prosthesis for congenital defect: A case report

Neha Sikka, Gyanendra Mishra, Shashi Bala, Pardeep Singh

IHRJ 01_03(07) Fabrication of Custom Made Ocular Prosthesis