The Following Articles are to be Published in the Forthcoming Issue of IHRJ (Volume 1, Issue 9, December 2017)


1. Presence of Multiple Impacted Premolars in a Patient Visiting a Satellite Setting in Panchkula: A Case Report

Preety Gupta, Rohit Sharma, Bhavna Gupta, Sagar Goyal, Gaurav Malik, Impreet Chopra

2.  Sex Determination by Evaluating Inter-Canine Distance and Mesio-Distal Width of Mandibular Canine: A Case Report

Rohini Singh, Kriti Garg, Shiv Chauhan

3. World AIDS Day Guest Editorial 

Dr. Aman Sharma

Articles to be added soon after they are accepted for publication in Volume 1, Issue 9!!!