Prevention of Implications of Poor Posture and Physical Inactivity among Dentists

  • Akhil Gupta
  • Sudha Gupta
Keywords: Posture, Physical Inactivity, Dentists


Long sitting hours, sedentary lifestyle has taken a toll on the well-being of the species. The prevalence of posture related problems in dentists is very high. Dentistry requires a lot of precision, patience and can be back-breaking. With increasing awareness, the number of dental patients are increasing and so is the chair time for a dentist. Most of these musculoskeletal problems are confined to the head and neck region. Bad posture during the dental procedures is implicitly a risk factor in the increasing prevalence of musculoskeletal problems in dental personnel. There is lack of awareness about the implications of bad posture and lack of physical activity amongst the dentists.  A dentist needs to take care of his health and reassess his posture as well as his workstation.