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Editorial Thanks: IHRJ Completes Two Years of Successful Publication



 Dear readers and authors,


It is easy to visualize a concept, but its implementation requires a lot of planning, dedication, hard work, setbacks and immediate response to any matter requiring urgent attention. The same idea was applied to the implementation of IHRJ, and we are glad that it completes publication of 24 issues, completing 2 years of glorious publishing.

The entire idea was born when the editor and co-editor decided to provide a platform to the researchers that is quick to answer their queries and be there for researchers at all time. And thus, after brainstorming for a lot of names, International Healthcare Research Journal (IHRJ) was agreed upon.

After this, the main work began. While the co-editor began working on the website design, the editor started to gather a team of dedicated researchers and clinicians to be member of the national and international editorial board. The first issue was released and we applied for our ISSN number, initiating the series of indexings and constant upgradation of the journal based on the response of our users. 

In the span of 24 months, we have covered a lot of ground and our humble achievements are:

  1. NLM cataloged journal within 6 months of launch.
  1. Shifting from a normal website to OJS 3.0 with a dedicated journal management system for further transparency and convenience of our authors which is based on global standards.
  1. Proudly partnering for the 5th Medical Tourism Annual Conference, held on the 13th and 14th of March in Zagreb, Croatia.
  1. Publications from various countries: Saudi Arabia, Nepal, USA, Ivory Coast etc.
  1. Partial sponsor for the 25th National IAPHD conference held at Modinagar.
  1. Plagiarism free manuscripts.
  1. DOI number generated for every article.
  1. Round the clock support to our authors.
  1. HTML, EPUB and MOBI files generated of articles after October 2018.
  1. Starting April 2019, the journal website shall be SSL certified, making it more secure.

Future Plans

  1. IHRJ aims to visit at least one international conference every year for increasing the reach of the journal.
  1. Indexing in various agencies.
  1. Hiring more staff to handle the increased flow of manuscripts.

The journey for IHRJ has just started. We thank those who have believed in us for it’s because of them that IHRJ has come so far…

“No Road is long…

When Dreams are BIG….

And Sky is the limit….”


With Thanks and Regards,

Editorial Team

International Healthcare Research Journal (IHRJ).