How Stressed are our Postgraduate Medical and Dental Postgraduate Students in Southern Asia? A Cross-Sectional Survey

  • Aravind S. Tamilselvan
  • Riya Thapa
  • Anurag Dutt Sharma
  • Tika Thapa
  • Shailesh Singh
Keywords: Stress, Survey, Medicine, Dentistry, Students


INTRODUCTION: Stress has been quite commonly reported in the literature among medical and dental students due to the nature of their work.
AIM: To assess the level of stress among medical and dental postgraduates in various medical and dental Colleges in Southern Asia.
MATERIALS AND METHOD: The study was cross-sectional in nature and conducted among 809 medical and dental postgraduates. Stress was measured using the Cohen’s Perceived stress scale-14 (PSS-14) online through google forms (convenience sampling). Data was entered in MS Excel and descriptive statistics was applied followed by the independent samples t-test, post-hoc modified Bonferroni test and Odd’s Ratio (OR) using SPPS version 22.0.8 Statistical significance was set at 5% (p<0.05).
RESULTS: There were 342 (41.3%) medical and 467 (58.7%) dental postgraduates. Most medical postgraduates (73%) reported stress as “severe”, while among dental postgraduates, most of them(32.5%) reported having “mild” stress (p=0.03). Among both medical and dental postgraduates, the third year of their postgraduation was found to be most stressful and the association was found to be significant (p=0.04*, OR:1.5). Unmarried postgraduates among both groups reported having most stress and the association was non-significant (OR: 1.1).
CONCLUSION: Both medical and dental postgraduates are requested to practice stress relieving exercises and ask for help if the need arises so.


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Author Biographies

Aravind S. Tamilselvan

MDS (Prosthodontics), Private Dental Practitioner, Sri Lanka

Riya Thapa

BDS, Consultant Dental Surgeon, Nepal

Anurag Dutt Sharma

MDS (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery), Consultant Dental Surgeon, New Delhi, India

Tika Thapa

BDS, Consultant Dental Surgeon, Nepal

Shailesh Singh

MDS (Periodontics), Consultant Dental Surgeon, Bengaluru, India


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DOI: 10.26440/IHRJ/0409.12361
Published: 2020-12-23
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