Ahead of Print

The following manuscript(s) are scheduled to be published in Volume 6, Issue 6 slated to be published in the last week of September, 2022:


1. Parenting Practices among Mothers in Obubra, Cross River State, Nigeria: An Exploratory Study

Antor O. Ndep, Emmanuel E. Ogobo, Margaret I Akpan, Mariam O. Ushie

2. Laser Assisted RCT: A Review

Sucheta Thakur, Saryu Bakshi 


3. Awareness of Biomedical Waste Management among Health Care Personnel in Bareilly International University, Bareilly, India

Divya Srivastava, Shivalingesh KK, Henna Mir, Adeeba Saleem, Anushtha Kushwaha


All  submitted manuscripts are undergoing peer-review and shall be uploaded here once accepted for publication in the upcoming issue.