Ahead of Print [Volume 3, Issue 7 (October 2019)]


The following manuscripts are scheduled to be published in Volume 3, Issue 7 slated to be published on or before 25th October 2019:

1. Treatment of Fractures in Black Africa: The Current State of Play (Editorial Comment)

Dr. Packo Dieu-le-veut Saint-Cyr Sylvestre and Dr. Feigoudozoui Hermann Victoire

2. It's World Smile Day- So Make Someone Happy! (Guest Comment)

Dr. Nisha Garg

3. Rowell Syndrome in a 4-Year-Old Male Child: A Rare Case Report

Sukmani Brar, Jayati Batra, Balvinder Kaur Brar.

4. Dental Prosthetic Status and Treatment Needs of Adult Population in Makkah Region of Saudi Arabia: A Survey Report

Karunakar Shetty, Othman Wali, Abrar Bakri Koosa, Anan Abdullah Alhazmi, Nouran Omar Jamal, Sara Faiz Jambi, Kamrunissa Hussain Sheikh

5. Poor Prognosis Factors of Severe Malaria in Antananarivo, Madagascar: Les Facteurs De Mauvais Pronostiques Du Paludisme Grave a Antananarivo, Madagascar

Jasper Grant Raelison, Hanitra Mbolatiana Rivoarimanana, Tanjonirina Razafindrainibe, Nadia Marie Philibertine Rahanitriniaina, Falihery Albertin Rakotomavo, Nasolotsiry Enintsoa Raveloson

6. Formulation of Satisfactory Meal for Sudanese Children (3-5 years) in Wad Medani Greater Locality, Gezira State, Sudan

Sitana E. Abdelrahman , Ali O. Ali, Haydar E. Babikir , Ghada T. Abdoun, Awad Elgeed T. Elkabashi

7. Diastema-The Treatment Dilemma

Diksha Sharma, Abhishek Dhindsa, Sanjay Chachra, Reena Rani, Kumar Shrikant, Manu Sharma


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