A Customized Semi- Precision Bar Attachment for Tooth Supported Overdenture: A Case Report


Customized Hader Bar
Tooth Supported Overdenture

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Mohsin Khan, Kush Sahu, Kesari Singh, & Shyam Jadhav. (2018). A Customized Semi- Precision Bar Attachment for Tooth Supported Overdenture: A Case Report. International Healthcare Research Journal, 2(4), 89-91. https://doi.org/10.26440/IHRJ/02_04/182


Various precision attachment systems are available for tooth supported overdenture treatment modality. The objective of all the systems is to provide retention and support for the overdenture. Retention of a mandibular denture can be achieved by natural tooth-retained with bar and stud attachment in anterior region. A simple and cost effective treatment for a more complex implant overdenture is the concept of conventional tooth-retained overdentures. The present clinical report describes a patient treated with customized hader bar with coffee straw in mandibular tooth-borne overdenture.



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