Rare Occurrence of Single Rooted Mandibular Left First and Third Permanent Mandibular Molar: A Case Report


First Molar
Third Molar
Single Canal
Single Root

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Neha Bansal, Himanshu Mehta, Tushar Rathor, & Nalini Trivedi. (2019). Rare Occurrence of Single Rooted Mandibular Left First and Third Permanent Mandibular Molar: A Case Report . International Healthcare Research Journal, 3(6), 198-200. https://doi.org/10.26440/IHRJ/0306.09290


For any practicing clinician, successful endodontic therapy is highly dependent upon complete knowledge of the anatomy and the variations present in the human dentition. There are variances in anatomical configurations in teeth seen across the globe and might needs specialized treatment techniques. The tendency of Asians to show a C- shaped canal morphology has been documented in the literature, however, in contrast to those findings, we report a unique and a rare case of  left mandibular first and third molars



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