Need for Diabetic Screening an a Periodontal Setup


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Sneha Agarwal, K. Rekha Rani, & D. Satyanarayana Naidu. (2020). Need for Diabetic Screening an a Periodontal Setup. International Healthcare Research Journal, 3(10), 335-337.


INTRODUCTION: Periodontitis has been proved to be linked deeply with the chronic ailment diabetes. Research data shows that their relationship is direct and bifacial. The prevalence of both these diseases is on the rise but still there is a scarcity of diabetic screening in periodontal set-ups.
AIM: To lay emphasis on the need of diabetic screening in a periodontal set-up
MATERIAL AND METHODS: An observational, cross-sectional study with an initial sample size of 200 patients was conducted. Periodontitis was evaluated with the CPI index and RBS was measured using a blood glucometer.
RESULTS: Significant difference in the periodontitis patients who were aware and unaware of their diabetic status.
CONCLUSION: Screening for diabetes in a periodontal clinic is conducive to the creation of awareness and early detection and treatment of such a chronic disease and can help avoid the setting in of related complications by giving the patient a chance to initiate an early intervention.


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