Paget’s Disease of Maxilla: A Case Report


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Monica Chaudhary, Ishan Prabhakar, Nikhil Seth, Sumedha Kushwaha, & Priyanka Sehrawat. (2017). Paget’s Disease of Maxilla: A Case Report. International Healthcare Research Journal, 1(4), 15-19. Retrieved from


Paget disease of bone (PDB) is an idiopathic, chronic progressive disease of the bone, characterized by disordered pattern of bone resorption and formation. It has been observed to manifest itself as both monostotic and polyostotic disease. The scientific literature does not report a lot of cases on the incidence of this disease involving the jaws. In India, however a few cases have been reported in the recent times. Paget’s disease manifests itself as an asymptomatic disorder until it progresses onto the advanced stage where it becomes painful. Thus, its diagnosis on radiographs in the early stage is of paramount importance in order to deter its complications which may not only end up in disability but also can be fatal to life.



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