Self-Ligating Brackets: A Review

  • Raj Abhay Singh
  • Sachin Ahuja
  • Seema Gupta
  • Eenal Bhambri
  • Paramjeet Singh
  • Rohini Sharma
Keywords: Self – Ligating brackets, Passive slide, Damon, SPEED, TIME


Self- ligating brackets are ligature less bracket systems that have a mechanical device into the bracket to close off the edgewise slot. These brackets secure passive or active ligation mechanism that ensures consistent full bracket engagement. Reduced friction between archwire and bracket allows more rapid tooth movement. This results in good control of tooth position through an adequately dimensioned bracket. A review of self-ligation in general has been highlighted in this article.


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Raj Abhay Singh, Sachin Ahuja, Seema Gupta, Eenal Bhambri, Paramjeet Singh, Rohini Sharma. Self-Ligating Brackets: A Review. IHRJ [Internet]. 2017Apr.10 [cited 2023Oct.4];1(1):7-12. Available from: