Sports Dentistry and Dental Traumatology- A Review

  • Nikhil Seth
  • Ishan Prabhakar
  • Monica Chaudhary
  • Sumedha Kushwaha
  • Karandeep Singh Sandhu
Keywords: Sports dentistry, Prevention,, Dental trauma, Mouthguards


Dental traumatology is a major connecting link between sports and dentistry. Sporting activities have become a huge integral part for those people who want to get involved in recreational activities. Dentistry plays a key role in handling oral and maxillofacial injuries which arise due to any sports activity. Sports dentistry is actually associated with prevention of injuries of oral and maxillofacial region and specific oral diseases in this particular area and its manifestations. Over the years, various preventive measures have become a significant part of sports dentistry which includes the use of mouthguard and dietary counselling. A sports team dentist, who plays a huge part in the diagnosis, management and prevention of injuries and diseases in sports-persons is also a great need in schools and colleges. In this review, we discuss the relationship of sports and dental diseases and how the parents and teachers are becoming an important factor in prevention of sports related injuries.


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Nikhil Seth, Ishan Prabhakar, Monica Chaudhary, Sumedha Kushwaha, Karandeep Singh Sandhu. Sports Dentistry and Dental Traumatology- A Review. IHRJ [Internet]. 2017Apr.10 [cited 2024Jun.25];1(1):2-. Available from:

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