Ankyloglossia- Detailed Review with a Case Report

  • Gyanendra Mishra
  • Cheranjeevi Jayam
Keywords: Ankyloglossia, Tongue tie, Tongue division, Frenotomy, Frenulotomy


Ankyloglossia is derived from Greek terms skolios (curved) and glossa (tongue). Ankyloglossia or tongue-tie is a congenital condition that results due to abnormal attachment between the tongue and floor of the mouth, leading to an abnormally short tongue. Several problems are associated with ankyloglossia. Since there is never an accepted standard criterion nor clinically practical criteria for diagnosing the condition; proper defining of the term is necessary before contemplating whether to treat or not to treat. In children, ankyloglossia is asymptomatic in many cases. As growth occurs condition resolves spontaneously, or in some mild cases children may learn compensatory mechanisms to counteract decreased lingual mobility. Frenotomy/ frenectomy are an effective treatment for ankyloglossia.


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