Recurrent Aphthous Ulcers (RAS) and Its Prevalence among People of Punjab

  • Rahul Sharma
  • Abhishek Sharma
Keywords: Recurrent Aphthous Ulcers, Pain, Stress


OBJECTIVE: At times neglected, an oral ulcer is usually benign in nature and resolves spontaneously, howevers, a small proportions of it are malignant in nature.
AIM: To determine the prevalence of recurrent aphthous ulcers (RAS) screened in different locations in the Indian state of Punjab.
Material and Methods: over a period of three months, a total of 2245 patients were screened among various camps organized around various states of Punjab using an ADA Type IV examination with recording a detailed family and medical history. Data was analysied using SPPS version 19.0.
RESULTS: 779 patients presented with recurrent aphthous ulceration (34.7%). Females (413, 53.1%) were more commonly affected than males (366, 46.9%) with those being affected in the Patients in the third and fourth decade of their life and this difference was statistically significant. The most factor associated was stress stomatitis seen in 453 patients (58.2%). Food consumed was the second common factor related with the condition (121 patients, 15.5%), closely followed by nutritional deficiency (113 patients, 14.5%). There were no significant difference seen between any of the factors and the occurrence of RAS in the patients.
CONCLUSION: It was revealed that recurrent aphthous ulceration is a common mucosal disorder in the people of Punjab. Early, proper and prompt diagnosis of the ulcers will help the dental practitioner in providing information to the patient, educate the patient regarding this condition and regarding and management of the condition.


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Author Biographies

Rahul Sharma

BDS, Private Practioner, Nawanshehar, Punjab, India

Abhishek Sharma

Intern, Swami Devi Dyal Hospital and Dental College, Barwala, Haryana, India

DOI: 10.26440/IHRJ/0212.03.521060
Published: 2019-03-23
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