Assessing Physical Activity among Canadian Healthcare Professionals

  • Ravneet Sandhu
  • Gurnoor Kaur Pannu
Keywords: Physical Activity, Obesity, Body Mass Index (BMI)


INTRODUCTION: Physical Activity is well known to keep illness at bay and promote healthy living among people. In today’s fast paced life, obesity is increasing amongst people and this can be eliminated through proper physical activity.
AIM: To assess the physical activity among various Canadian healthcare professionals.
MATERIALS AND METHOD: The present study was a multi-institution based observational study using a pre-tested, pre-validated questionnaire distributed among various colleges and privately practicing healthcare professionals in Canada using a close-ended questionnaire divided into five sections and containing 28 questions. Data analysis was done using SPPS version 19.0 and the independent samples t-test and multiple logistic regression was applied. Data was only considered significant when p was less than or equal to 0.05.
RESULTS: Most males belonged to the “overweight” category (56.3%), while females belonged to the “normal” category (56.3%). A lesser number of females reported being obese (5.4%) as compared to their male counterparts; significant difference (p=0.05) was observed between males and females in the underweight category. Males were found to be insufficiently active (41.8%), while 44.8% females were found to be in the active category. Statistical differences were observed while comparing the physical activity levels between the males and females belonging to the Insufficiently Active category(p=0.02).
CONCLUSION: Healthcare professionals should be reminded regarding their general health and the role of physical exercise in keeping them healthy.


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Author Biographies

Ravneet Sandhu

Dental Consultant, Ontario, Canada-L7C3W7.

Gurnoor Kaur Pannu

Associate Dentist, Lake Barrington, Illinois, USA.


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DOI: 10.26440/IHRJ/0403.06351
Published: 2020-06-21
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