Fibroepithelial Hyperplasia: A Case Report

  • Mayank Jain
  • Aruna V Singh
  • Swati Lekha
  • Sahil Prashar
Keywords: Traumatic fibroma, Reactive Fibrous Hyperplasia, Fibrous Nodule


Reactive hyperplastic exophytic growth are seen in the oral mucosa due to chronic irritation by plaque, calculus, overhanging margins, trauma and dental appliances. Traumatic fibroma represents a focal benign hyperplasia of fibrous connective tissue origin. Here we are reporting a case of traumatic fibroma in relation to upper right posterior teeth on right buccal mucosa in a 34 year old male.


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DOI: 10.26440/IHRJ/01_06/110
Published: 2017-09-10
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Mayank Jain, Aruna V Singh, Swati Lekha, Sahil Prashar. Fibroepithelial Hyperplasia: A Case Report. IHRJ [Internet]. 2017Sep.10 [cited 2024Jun.25];1(6):16-9. Available from:

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