Rivaroxaban Induced Hallucinations: A Case Report

  • Anshika Balwan
  • Matthew Ferguson
Keywords: Hallucinations, Adverse Event, Drug Reaction


Hallucinations induced by rivaroxaban are not much described in literature. This case report describes the occurrence of a specific adverse event during rivaroxaban use in an elderly male who developed hallucinations few months after starting rivaroxaban. Other possible causes for these events were ruled out through comprehensive medical examination. Drug discontinuation led to resolution of adverse drug reaction. The mechanism involved in rivaroxaban-induced hallucinations is not known. The adverse event in our patient was possibly caused by rivaroxaban. Although there is still no strong evidence that can associate hallucinations to rivaroxaban use, and others unknown factors might be involved, this adverse event should be kept in mind when prescribing this drug to older patients.


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Author Biographies

Anshika Balwan

MD (Cardiology), Consultant Private Practitioner and Independent Researcher, Boinda, Distt. Angul, Orissa-759127

Matthew Ferguson

MD (Orthopaedics), Consultant Surgeon, Orange, VA, 22960, USA


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DOI: 10.26440/IHRJ/0601.04492
Published: 2022-04-23
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