Brimonidine Induced Hypertensive Acute Granulomatous Anterior Uveitis

  • Massoud Hina
  • Jasmine Bhasin
  • Joanna Xavier
Keywords: Brimonidine, Uveitis, Adverse Drug Reaction


Brimonidine is a medication used to treat open-angle glaucoma, ocular hypertension, and rosacea. It is used as eye drops or applied to the skin. Common side effects when used in the eyes include itchiness, redness, and a dry mouth. We present a case of Brimonidine induced Hypertensive acute granulomatous anterior uveitis.


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Author Biographies

Massoud Hina

MD (Intensive Care), Consultant Surgeon and Practitioner, Hubli, Karnataka

Jasmine Bhasin

MD (Intensive Care), Consultant Surgeon and Practitioner, Hubli, Karnataka

Joanna Xavier

M.PT, Nurpur, Fenchuganj, Bangladesh


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DOI: 10.26440/IHRJ/0607.10570
Published: 2022-10-29
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