Ahead of Print [Volume 3, Issue 6 (September 2019)]


Dear Authors and Readers,

IHRJ shall be completing two and a half years of glorious publishing with the publication of its September issue and would like to thank all our editorial board members, backend team members, authors and readers for their support.  

The following manuscripts have been accepted for publication in Volume 3, Issue 6 (September 2019) slated to be published on or before 25th September 2019:

1. Guest Comment: Leukaemia & Lymphoma Awareness Month
Dr. Preety Gupta

2. Observed Risk Factors and the Prevalence of Potential Oral Malignant Lesions among a North Indian Population
Vasuda Bhagat, Mehtab Singh Bhagat

3. Herbs for Oro-Dental Health: Nature's Own Remedy
Sunyana Bhagat

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