Contingency Management Plan and Access to Published Manuscripts

Dear Authors/ Readers,

When the Editor-in Chief and Co-Editor conceived the idea of setting up the International Healthcare Research Journal (IHRJ) to provide a platform for all researchers to publish their manuscripts based on global standards, it was their honest endeavor that IHRJ shall continue publishing as per schedule and no inconvenience shall be faced by our authors, which is evident since April 2017, when the first issue of IHRJ was published.

The chances of IHRJ to stop publishing are very unlikely and we do not foresee such an event taking place in the near or distant future. However, as a part of our good and fair publication practices, we would like to plan and chalk out a continuity plan for the authors who have placed faith in IHRJ and decided to publish their manuscripts with us.

From the start of our first issue, and as per our contingency management plan,  the following steps were undertaken so that our authors face no problems in accessing their articles:

  1. The abstracts with the author information and publication details are being constantly uploaded in various indexing/abstracting agencies and libraries so that the digital footprint of the published article is there to verify the claims made by the authors. The current list of databases where the published articles are harvested and/or indexed & abstracted can be accessed from this link. This page is constantly updated.
  2. Metadata for each article is being uploaded on Crossref, LOCKSS, OAI-PMH, OPENAIRE (Via Zenodo), Index Copernicus, as well as many more of such agencies. Our authors and readers are regularly updated on the same via journal announcements.  
  3. The Editor-in Chief and Co-Editor have themselves taken an undertaking that in case the journal is no longer published, the previously published articles shall be available on the journal website for atleast 5 years. The cost for the same shall be borne by the Editor-in Chief and Co-Editor with no additional burden on the authors.
  4. After a period of 5 years, only the yearly cost for the domain and hosting shall be  borne each year   and  the  manuscripts  shall be  once and for all archived on a static website. The data shall be available for the authors and readers to view and download the respective articles. 
  5. The static website shall also contain the e-mail address and phone number for the authors to clarify their queries, if any. It would be our earnest endeavor to reply to our authors as soon as possible.
  6. Informing the authors (taking responsibility) and providing them with a proof in the form of a certificate/ letter of publication.