Positive and Negative Affect on Quality of Life: A Review

  • Abdul Saheer P
  • Tency Matthew Mariette
  • Shanila Abdul Majid
Keywords: Positive affect (PA), Negative affect(NA), Quality of life


As we promote the message of current year WHO theme – “Depression – Lets talk”, Positive affect (PA) and Negative Affect (NA) has to be understood in detail. In this competitive world, as a health care professional, understanding the science behind depression and well-being of a person is important in clinical diagnosis of the both. The effect of positivity and negativity in our personnel life comprises of various emotional outbursts. Both has significant effect on our quality of life and has an impact on our health. This brief review tries to explore the positive and negative effect on quality of life.


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Abdul Saheer P, Tency Matthew Mariette, & Shanila Abdul Majid. (2017). Positive and Negative Affect on Quality of Life: A Review. International Healthcare Research Journal, 1(5), 7-9. https://doi.org/10.26440/ihrj/01_05/101