LANAP - A Neoteric Procedure in Periodontics

  • Sneha Agarwal
  • Kinnera S
  • Rekha Rani
Keywords: Periodontitis, Periodontal Pocket, LASER, Boneloss


Periodontitis is an immuno-inflammatory disease with classic signs of periodontal pockets, recession or both. The main goal of the periodontal treatment, thus, is not only to stop the progression of the disease but also to regenerate the lost periodontal components. Laser assisted new attachment procedure is one such method which facilitates proper healing of periodontal disease and its further progression. A 62 year old male patient reported to the department of periodontics with a history of type 2 diabetes mellitus. The patient had generalized deep pockets and generalized horizontal bone loss, based on which a diagnosis of generalized chronic periodontitis was made. A full mouth LANAP was planned for the patient. This case shows that LANAP can be considered a possible option for the treatment of periodontal pockets with a minimum operative and postoperative complications.


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