Dental Health Insurance in India: Need of the Hour!


Dental Insurance
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Varun Suri, Mohit Bansal, & Tarun Kalra. (2017). Dental Health Insurance in India: Need of the Hour!. International Healthcare Research Journal, 1(9), 265-269.


India is a vast country of diverse cultures and languages. People of the Indian subcontinent lack sufficient knowledge about dentistry as a science, thus making it a necessity to provide dental care to the masses. High cost of dental treatment and lesser oral health practices among people in India predispose to altered oral hygiene. Dental Insurance in India is of great relevance in making oral care facilities available to one and all. However, it has just completed its first step, and only few insurance organizations are giving dental insurance provision, in contrast to the medical insurance companies which cover most of the Indian population. Therefore, the main objective of this review paper was to assess the provision of oral health insurance schemes in the Indian subcontinent and their knowledge and utilization by Indian public. For this, we studied the articles published in last few years from various sources regarding dental insurance in India. It was revealed that currently, there are only a few dental insurance policies, but with time and modern resources, dental insurance schemes in India will surely increase. As time progresses, a stage will be reached where each and every Indian will be protected by a trustworthy Dental Insurance scheme.


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