Rare Occurrence of Four Rooted Maxillary Third Molar: A Case Report


Maxillary Third Molar
Four Roots
Rare Occurrence

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Shashank Yadav. (2018). Rare Occurrence of Four Rooted Maxillary Third Molar: A Case Report. International Healthcare Research Journal, 1(10), 320-322. https://doi.org/10.26440/IHRJ/01_10/138


This case report presents a rare variant of maxillary third molar variant, which had four roots. A 48-year-old male patient complained about severe pain in his left maxillary tooth region of the jaw. A clinical intraoral inspection and radiography were carried out on the tooth, and a diagnosis of chronic apical periodontitis was made. An uneventful extraction was performed for the same.



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