Ergonomics: Need of the Hour


Musculoskeletal disorder
Dental practice

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Tarun Kalra, Geeta Kalra, Mohit Bansal, & Swati Uppal. (2018). Ergonomics: Need of the Hour. International Healthcare Research Journal, 1(12), 365-370.


The success in any practice is dependent on efficient workflow, with minimum risk to injury and cumulative trauma. Work in a dental office calls for deftness in cognitive abilities and can, more often than not, be physically challenging. Repeated use of movements and postures that go against the natural or anatomical alignment and limitations of the human body often lead to what is known as cumulative trauma leading to development of musculoskeletal disorders. The whole idea of ergonomics in the workplace is to avoid any such exigencies. Through this review it is intended to bring forth the widely known yet often neglected aspect of dental practice; that is the human factor in workplace efficiency.


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