Pulmonary Mucormycosis with Diabetes Mellitus: A Case Report

  • Shikha Jain
  • Bharat Sharma
Keywords: Pulmonary Mucormycosis, Rhizopus, Diabetes Mellitus


Mucormycosis is an uncommon but life threatening fungal infection that generally occurs mostly in immunocompromised patients. Patients do not respond to the antibiotics and so the condition may prove to be fatal if not timely detected. In this report, we summarize a case of pulmonary mucormycosis in a patient with diabetes mellitus who was cured using Amphotericin B.


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DOI: 10.26440/IHRJ/02_02/164
Published: 2018-05-10
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Shikha Jain, Bharat Sharma. Pulmonary Mucormycosis with Diabetes Mellitus: A Case Report. IHRJ [Internet]. 2018May10 [cited 2024Mar.2];2(2):33-4. Available from: https://ihrjournal.com/ihrj/article/view/106