Radiomorphometric Localization of Mental Foramen and Mandibular Canal using Cone Beam Computed Tomography as an Aid to Gender Determination- A Retrospective Study

  • Mansimranjit Kaur Uppal
  • Asha Raghunandan Iyengar
  • Seema Patil
  • Subash Bailoor Vausdev
  • Ramya Madhuri Kotni
  • Revan Kumar Joshi
Keywords: CBCT, Gender determination, Mandibular canal, Mental foramen, Sexual dimorphism


AIM: The present study aimed at evaluating the role of mental foramen and mandibular canal in gender determination using CBCT.
METHODOLOGY: A total number of 73 volumes of CBCT of the mandible was evaluated. Four measurements were used to assess the bucco-lingual and supero-inferior location of mandibular canal and the supero-inferior location of mental foramen was determined using two measurements on both right and left sides of the mandible. Inter and intra-observer variability was analyzed with help of t-test.
RESULTS: Good intra-observer and inter-observer agreement was noted with regard to all the six measurements. The mean of all the measurements of mental nerve foramen and mandibular canal was found to be higher in males than females, however, significant difference was noted with regard to Superior Mental foramen (SMeF) and Superior Inferior Alveolar Canal (SMC) (p=0.037, p<0.001 respectively) on the right side and SIAC and Inferior Inferior Alveolar Canal (IIAC), (p=0.015, p=0.046 respectively) on the left side.
CONCLUSION: The results of the present study suggest that SMeF, SIAC and IIAC may be used for gender determination. Further, either side of mandible can be used for this purpose. CBCT was found to be a useful modality in this study for sexual dimorphism.


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DOI: 10.26440/IHRJ/02_05/190
Published: 2018-09-16
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Mansimranjit Kaur Uppal, Asha Raghunandan Iyengar, Seema Patil, Subash Bailoor Vausdev, Ramya Madhuri Kotni, Revan Kumar Joshi. Radiomorphometric Localization of Mental Foramen and Mandibular Canal using Cone Beam Computed Tomography as an Aid to Gender Determination- A Retrospective Study. IHRJ [Internet]. 2018Sep.16 [cited 2022Nov.29];2(5):115-20. Available from:
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