A Case Report of Carcinoma ex Pleomorphic Adenoma

  • Harpreet Grewal
  • Kesari Singh
  • Vasudha Bhagat
Keywords: Ex-pleomorphic, Tumour, Malignant, Carcinoma


Carcinoma ex-pleomorphic nonmalignant tumour (Ca ex PA, CXPA) is a rare, aggressive, poorly understood malignancy of the exocrine gland. The clinical findings typical of this neoplasm embrace history of a slow growing, ulcerated, painless mass that enlarges speedily.  The current definition of Ca ex PA became widely accepted in the second half of the twentieth century. It is uncommon, having a prevalence rate of 5.6 cases per 100,000 malignant neoplasms and a yearly incidence rate of 0.17 tumours per 1 million persons in the world. The cancer is found predominantly in the sixth to eighth decades of life and is slight female predilection. 


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Author Biographies

Harpreet Grewal

Professor & Head of Department, Department of Dentistry, GTBH & UCMS, Delhi

Kesari Singh

Senior Resident, Department of Dentistry, GTB Hospital, Delhi

Vasudha Bhagat

PG Student, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, DJ College of Dental Sciences and Research, Modinagar


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DOI: 10.26440/ihrj.v2i8.169
Published: 2018-11-24
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