Localized Microdontia: Unilateral Peg Shaped Mandibular Central Incisor

  • Alpna Sharma
  • Dheeraj Sharma
  • Manu Sharma
Keywords: Unilateral Microdontia, Peg Laterals, Mandibular Central Incisor


Diverse morphological, structural and tooth number aberrations can occur within human dentition secondary to genetic and epigenetic influences which can be manifested as microdontia, macrodontia, hypodontia, oligodontia etc. Microdontia is much more common than macrodontia. Non-syndromic microdontia is not often noted, especially in the permanent mandibular incisors. This is a detailed description of a case of a non-syndromic peg shaped permanent mandibular central incisor in a 9 year old male. Early detection of dental development anomalies is very important, as they may lead to many complications. Documentation of these discrepancies helps in assessing the evolutionary structural and morphological changes in human dentition.


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Author Biographies

Alpna Sharma

Senior Lecturer

Department of Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry

Institute of Dental Sciences, Sehora, Jammu

Dheeraj Sharma

Senior Lecturer

Department  Of Oral Medicine and Radiology

Institute of Dental Sciences

Sehora , Jammu

Jammu & Kashmir


Manu Sharma

Senior Lecturer

Department  Of Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry

Swami Devi Dayal Hospital & Dental College,




DOI: 10.26440/IHRJ/0302.05.521078
Published: 2019-05-23
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Alpna Sharma, Dheeraj Sharma, Manu Sharma. Localized Microdontia: Unilateral Peg Shaped Mandibular Central Incisor. IHRJ [Internet]. 2019May23 [cited 2024Apr.13];3(2):59-1. Available from: https://ihrjournal.com/ihrj/article/view/236