Sports Dentistry: Dental Traumatology with Preventive Measures– A Review

Keywords: Contact Sports, Dental Trauma, Mouth Guards, Protectors, Headgears


In sports, dental trauma is the main link between sport and dentistry. Sports dentistry is the treatment of sporting oral / facial injuries and associated oral disorders and manifestations. Sporting practices have been found to be responsible for 13 per cent of total oral trauma in children. It is emphasized that from high schools to professional teams there is a great need for a "Team Dentist." In this review, we discuss the relationship between sport and dentistry, and the importance of educating parents, teachers, and children on sport-related injury prevention.


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Author Biographies

Nandita Gautam

PG Student, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Institute of Dental Sciences, Bareilly, India

Shivalingesh KK

Professor & Head, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Institute of Dental Sciences, Bareilly, India

Swati Pathak

PG Student, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Institute of Dental Sciences, Bareilly, India


PG Student, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Institute of Dental Sciences, Bareilly, India


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DOI: 10.26440/IHRJ/0401.10382
Published: 2021-01-23
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