Aesthetic Ignorance: The Prevalence of Traumatized Anterior Teeth among Adolescents in Ghaziabad District, Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Vasudha Bhagat
  • Eric Pal Singh
Keywords: Trauma, Anterior, Fracture, Teeth


INTRODUCTION: Trauma to the anterior teeth, which having various harmful sequelae, also can damage one’s self-esteem and confidence.

AIM: To document the prevalence of traumatized anterior teeth among adolescents in Ghaziabad District, Uttar Pradesh, India
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Patients aged between 12-19 years were screened for traumatic injuries to their anterior teeth were selected as study subjects and their type of fracture was recorded according to the standard questionnaire from Oral Health Survey WHO format 2013. Apart from Descriptive statistics, the t-test and Odd’s Ratio (OR) was calculated for statistical analysis.
RESULTS: The prevalence of trauma was found out to be 16.10 % while most anterior trauma was seen in adolescents aged 18-19 (105) years, followed by 12-15 years (101) and 16-17 Years (87). The highest fracture was enamel only and males were more affected than females. The maximum trauma was attributed to Accidents (103,37.2%) followed by fall (94, 32.1%) and this was statistically significant
CONCLUSION: There is a need for patient education in Ghaziabad District to treat their fractures, lest it leads to further dental complication, apart for being aesthetically unpleasant.